Battle of the Exes, Carmex vs. Blistex

A male friend of mine recently asked me to feature some lip products appropriate for men. I was thrilled with this request because nothing is worse than dry lips, whether you’re male or female. Conditioned lips look better, feel better, and kiss better!


Look, men can use lip balm, too!

I’m excited to begin this exploration into the non-frilly yet hard-working realm of lip products. Never underestimate the power that these balms hold. They form the foundation for healthy lips and prevent painful consequences.

Carmex and Blistex stand as classic staples within the world of therapeutic lip products, or products that treat dry, chapped lips, provide sun protection, and/or aid with cold sores. They’re fantastic unisex options because they come in original flavors that are anything but girly. The original formulas of these two brands offer a solution to masculine lip woes. They’re essentials during the winter time (especially on ski trips) and during the summer time (as the intensity of the sun threatens sunburnt lips…ouch!).

I promise that these options will not threaten your masculinity. My dad has kept a tube or jar of Carmex on my bedside table since I can remember!

Personally, I will never turn down a tube of Carmex or Blistex. But, when you have the choice, how do you distinguish between these two seemingly similar products? Both claim similar benefits and offer a variety of flavors at a comparable price. Let me outline some pros and cons of each brand to aid you in your decision.



  • The iconic yellow packaging screams “minimalist and masculine.”
  • This formula really works, regardless of the flavor or type of container. On childhood ski trips, Carmex saved me in my darkest hours of dry, damaged lips. It provides instant relief that lasts for hours!
  • The different container types (jar, tube, stick) give you some flexibility in the texture of the product. The stick and jar tend to have a more solid formula with minimal shine, while the tube houses a gel.
  • The mint and cherry flavors smell delicious and work just as well as the original formula.
  • Carmex has made recent leaps in providing a variety of fun flavors, tints, and colors. My new favorite is the pomegranate flavor!


  • The jars are very awkward to carry around in your pocket.
  • Carmex does not taste good.
  • The original formula won’t protect lips from the sun.




  • Tons of variety in the product type and flavor.
  • The “Medicated” product series soothes and moisturizes magnificently.
  • Tinted options combine the benefits of medicated balm with the glamor of a gloss. Silk & Shine is my favorite.
  • SPF 15 (or higher) in almost every product.
  • Blistex makes RPM (which stands for Repair Protect Moisturize) especially for men without any fragrance or shine.


  • Some of the flavors are weird. The Raspberry Lemonade flavor tastes good for the first few applications, but you’ll slowly learn to hate its sickening sweet scent and strange aftertaste.
  • The products don’t consistently perform well. For example, the Fruit Smoothies feel good and taste great at first, but leave behind a gritty texture.
  • Medicated Blistex tastes horrible.

Overall, I prefer Carmex to Blistex. I like the tingle on my lips, and am always impressed with how well it relieves my dry lips and gets rid of any cracks or flakes.

However, I think both products behave similarly. You should identify what you are looking for in lip therapy. Both brands permit tons of options ranging in packaging, container size, flavor, shine, and color. I think Carmex tackles heavy duty lip problems, such as cold sores and flakes, better while Blistex offers you a wider variety of products that cater to a specific purpose. What’s your favorite?

Stay tuned for a breakdown of the ingredients and their functions within these two brands. I’ll also discuss how they compare to all-natural formulas, such as Burt’s Bees. Feel free to comment below with your opinion on this debate and any additions to the pros and cons list!


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Exes, Carmex vs. Blistex

  1. When I moved into my boyfriends house, he had Blistex Medicated Lip Conditioner tiny jar inside his medicine cabinet! Whenever I have painful winter lips I slather a small amount on, an instant relief! We recently ran out, but I couldn’t find Blistex Medicated anywhere so I had to buy Carmex Medicated and it tingles and relieves just the same! Carmex smell is a bit worst, like that Bandaid smell or something.

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